Crystal glass bottle 10 processes

People often use crystal to describe beautiful mind, indeed, delicate and beautiful crystal glass bottle not only looks glittering and translucent get rid of appears, the quality also is better than ordinary glass bottle, consequently be deeply loved by consumer.
So how are these crystal glass bottles made?
In this small circle of packaging and we share the processing of crystal glass bottles.

(1) Cutting: it is to cut the shape and size of the whole material with a large saw blade at high speed.
(2) Blanking: the mold is used to make the size and shape of the finished product, and then the raw material is melted at a high temperature to over 900℃, and then poured into the mold for die-casting.
(3) Rough polishing: is the mold pressed out of the blank, with diamond disc directly grinding the finished product line.
(4) Fine polishing: after the rough polishing, polishing powder to grind the finished product to the crystal clear so far.
(5) Drilling: according to the required size and position of drilling before the completion of crystal products, drilling is processed with a bit, such as TAB pieces, pen containers, bottle holes, etc.
6. Screen printing: the crystal surface with different colors for effect treatment, the color layer is thicker, the force can be off.
, color plating: use similar electroplating techniques in the crystal surface with different colors, the layer is thinner, friction can scratch, scratch, because of the color often located at the bottom, so in the bottom of color plating often use other objects attached, such as the health of Xiao Wenzhen.
, carving: three-dimensional sense of strong, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost.
Divided into hand carving graphics, machine carving text.
Pet-type, sand blasting: the three-dimensional sense is weak, relatively flat, no gravure convex feeling, machine engraving characters, graphics and other effects.
Ben does it fast.
, laser carving: computer aided laser equipment in the crystal object to carry out three-dimensional pattern molding, artistic effect is good, can arbitrarily express all kinds of patterns, graphics, achieve lifelike effect.

After a series of processing, just make the original ordinary glass bottle wear crystal coat, suddenly become a noble crystal princess.

Post time: Oct-30-2020